Rent & Accommodation Fees

Thank you for choosing to pay your rent or accommodation fees by credit/debit card.

Please note:
This page should only be used to pay your termly rental payment after you have accepted our accommodation offer on Room Service and paid the £300 security deposit.

Please contact the accommodation office on the number below if you have any queries on when to use this page or how to accept your accommodation offer.

Please have the following information available before proceeding:

  • Your student i.d. number
  • The amount to be paid
  • Your credit or debit card details

Futher information and assistance

Should you require any further assistance, please contact:

The Accommodation Office

Penryn Campus, Treliever Road,
Penryn TR10 9FE

Telephone: 01326 253639 or 01326 370436

Please press the continue button below, this will take you through to the accommodation payment pages, which are hosted by Falmouth University.